business overview

Active on three continents, the Datel Group empowers smart communities from the United States to Asia.
Implementing brilliant ideas from the very narrow to those of an entire nation, find your story with us.

service/product areas

Address enforcement – your address data will always be up to date and trustworthy.

Site promotion – combining official statistics and information with user-created content to build reliable and trusted web-presence.

Law enforcement and security – helping you to improve the quality of public services: e.g. faster permits and inspections, response time of police, rescue, and ambulance services, etc.

e-Cadastre – the best e-tool for up-to-date overviews of land data. Our holistic approach covers everything from border points and ownership up to land use planning and taxation.

e-Planning – creating transparent planning process, prevention of conflicts between public and private interests, etc.

Disaster prevention – helping you to be more effective in daily management and crisis response.

what are we inclined towards?

Quick deliveries – by combining agile process, virtual teamwork and cloud hosting, we provide our customers with working prototypes extremely promptly – often in just a few weeks. So our customer is able to validate our approach in early stages of the project and working together on “actual thing” is generally more rewarding than just exchanging piles of papers without having any demonstrated success until (hopefully) happy ending of a long project.

Custom solutions are what we provide, because in more than 25 years of experience we have never had two identical clients. We combine technology components of electronic mapping (GIS), big data visualization, real-time interoperability, situational awareness, etc., to make our solutions to meet your needs. There may be some rocket science behind the scenes, but for the end-user life will become simpler, more productive and fun.

Data security is a consideration we are not willing to compromise about. By default, we regard all system solutions we provide as being mission-critical.

IT development is a value-adding business, working best in the atmosphere of open and sustainable partnership. It takes an effort to build, but is certainly worth it.


  • Software licensing SaaS
  • Time-based service
  • Strategic partnership
  • Custom projects


  • Cloud and responsive browser-based software
  • Geospatial services
  • Planning, permitting and inspections
  • Statistics, big data, integration
  • Situational awareness


  • 2016, 2015 Platforms of the United States Digital Counties Award Winner
  • 2015 Quality Innovation of the year in Estonian public sector category, developer
  • 2010 ESLIS platform most advanced among 21 GIS portals in Europe
  • NATO – AQAP 2110 standard
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Microsoft and Oracle Partner