law enforcement and security

Most people are happy to obey the law when it’s the easiest path to take. That’s definitely the case when government agencies use our easy and convenient solutions for permitting, supervision, and monitoring.

We understand that requirements go far beyond just IT and we work continually to keep pace with the challenges.


  • Fast and transparent public services are a cornerstone of efficient governance.
  • Applicants are kept informed of their application status – this dramatically reduces the workload and frustration on both sides of service desks
  • A direct, positive impact of such services on the electorate’s quality of life has builds trust towards authorities and regulations.
  • Human error, a major security risk, can be avoided or at least tracked afterwards – often in a proactive manner.


Local Area Planning Proceedings System

Local Area Planning Proceedings System of Tallinn.

Transboundary Waters

Transboundary Waters e-service was awarded for significantly improving Estonian search and rescue capabilities – saving human lives!

Traffic violations detection camera

Speed Camera systems not only make speeding tickets automatic, but cross-operation with other e-Gov systems makes them an important part of the internal security framework of Estonia.

Solution for Permitting and Inspections

The Solution for Permitting and Inspections in Montgomery and Roanoke County, Virginia. It contributed to the county being awarded as one of three most successful e-Governance counties in the US in 2016.