road maintenance and supervision system

Datel has developed a variety of monitoring and supervision information systems. Its Road Maintenance and Supervision System helps to ensure the required condition levels of roads.

Main functionalities:

  • Recording detected road defects and assigning the task to the maintenance company
  • Maintenance company registers maintenance task on the road
  • Overview of the tasks assigned to the maintenance company
  • Displays maintenance tasks on the map
  • Periodic supervision of the road condition
  • Using a map to add roads for a condition check
  • Downloading results of supervision


  • The┬ácomplete digital system;
  • Displays a real-time overview of the current state of the road conditions.


  • Road and transport administrations
  • Public information service providers
  • States and local governments


The Estonian Road Administration is responsible for the maintenance of national roads. Maintenance of national roads is provided by several companies based on maintenance contracts.