space based early warning service

Why use space:

  • We know your history, with frequent global coverage from 2014, 24/7 in all weathers
  • Visual and web-based, so any user can understand what is being displayed
  • Openly downloadable, to what you need as a csv and for use anywhere
  • Confidential/Secret requests for data: no one will know your results or interests
  • No ground device or physical visits required
  • Pricing transparency and accessibility


  • Crisis management tool
    Sille is simple to use for first responders to determine where to focus their efforts following an earthquake, high-wind event, or any other disaster scenario.


  • Price your work
    Determine the structural quality of the site at hand before providing a quotation or starting work – without ever physically going to the site.
  • Price your risk
    See what was previously impossible. The motion of the land, of structures, pre- and post-events, and comprehensively understand your exposure.
  • Get paid
    Rapid data verification in different quality disputes. Know exactly when motion takes place and what caused it.


  • Structural integrity indicator
    Accurate data about the structural integrity of power plants, substations, or production sites’ vulnerabilities. We will even give users designs for radar reflectors they can self-produce to reveal the smallest areas of motion from space.


  • Parametric Triggers
    Build out a new line of parametric products based on subsidence, deformation, and related triggers from total crop loss to hail damage of cars in holding areas.
  • Claims adjustment
    Accurately determine the condition of a structure pre-catastrophe to prevent large indemnities to policy holders with fraudulent claims.


  • Enhancing future plans in complex contingency situations without using actively tasked resources
  • Logistics support through real-time understanding of infrastructure related to material mobility without using actively tasked resources


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  • State of Maryland, United States – DoIT/DOT
    Infrastructure monitoring of numerous bridges, landslides, sink holes, road surfaces, on-ramps, and other infrastructure across the State.
  • Pulaski County, Virginia, United States
    Pulaski is collecting data on a key bridge they do not control but will nonetheless be a powerful advocate for its care with State authorities supported by data.
  • Saint Lucia
    Uniquely facing earthquakes, a volcano, and hurricanes, thus we are supporting Saint Lucia in planning, critical infrastructure inspections, and detecting illegal buildings.
  • Republic of Estonia – Road Administration
    Augmenting physical bridge inspections as a way to increase efficiency. Instrumental in ground-proofing and verification.