Effocracy is a digital tool for Legislative Drafting in Ministries, Cabinets, Parliaments and Municipalities to make possible Remote Work and fasten decision-making process.

Its secure and paperless system is solving three major problems:

  1. drafts are containing errors due to non-standardized templates and text editors – there is no single source of truth.
  2. decision-making process is not transparent and unclear
  3. There is no remote voting possibility and publishing process is time-consuming and expensive due to manual labor.

Effocracy offers a safe and structured text editor; due and transparent co-decision process and Remote Access for lawmakers to Comment and Vote  . With the help of Effocracy, the stakeholders can concentrate on deliberating the core issues of the draft law and execute faster decision-making, while the technical work is left for the machine.

One single system provides a single source of truth and guarantees data integrity with always up to date drafts. The drafts can be made public along the process, allowing for inclusion of interest groups, journalists and other stakeholders for guaranteeing a due and inclusive lawmaking.


Easy agenda setting & single source of truth

  • Data integrity, single source of truth
  • Remote access and voting
  • Secure & transparent process
  • Inclusion of internal and external stakeholders
  • AI Powered checks & publishing

Results for the stakeholders:

  • Fast, inclusive end transparent processing of legislation
  • Paperless proceedings
  • Error-free process and legislation


“Effocracy has automated and streamlined our decision-making. This has allowed our officials and politicians to concentrate on the core meaning of the proposed law drafts and has left bureaucracy and administrative work for the computer. Net Group not only delivered top-notch IT solution but helped to redesign some key processes, enabling us to work and vote remotely.”

– Priit Lello, City Legal Director, Tallinn, Capital of Estonia