Net Group

business overview

Net Group makes your dreams into highly functional digital solutions. We have empowered AI based digital transformation for governments, local municipalities as well as big corporations and startups.

We walk you through the whole transformation process from vision to a new AI empowered digital solution. Our aim is to really get into the core of every challenge for delivering what is actually needed. Even if it means pivoting and changing the route several times, we are next to you. Our solutions help you to step into a new AI powered level.

Delivering software solutions that give our customers significant business value is highly valued by our clients and as a proof in EMEA area our NPS score is 85 and more.

services and products

AI Powered e-Justice
AI backed e-Justice solutions for governments or local municipalities for new level of work processes that are transparent, efficient, user friendly and paperless. We use innovative approach, AI solutions, modern technologies and user-friendly design.

AI Powered Education
Personalized study journey based e-learning solutions for on-class or distance studies for teachers, students and parents. AI powered personal approach and digital teaching materials can be brought together in one place for teachers and students that allows them to achieve world class study results without much effort.

AI Powered Municipalities
AI powered paperless decision-making from legislative drafting to automated publishing. Secure & paperless document management system provides transparency & fast accessibility in law handling. Efficient legislative proceedings guarantee data integrity with always up to date drafts. With the help of AI checks and remote access, the stakeholders can concentrate on deliberating the core issues of the draft law and execute faster decision-making, wherever they are located.

What sets us apart from the rest is a balanced combination of understanding and responsiveness to your needs, excellent technical skills, and the ability to quickly deliver business solutions with outstanding value.


  • Consultancy
  • Digital Transformation Roadmaps
  • AI Powered Justice
  • AI Powered Education
  • AI Powered Municipalities


  • 2016 Award for becoming a Gazelle Company
  • 2015 Estonian Internal Communications Award
  • 2013 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Microsoft AI Platinum Partner

customer portfolio

  • Digital transformation roadmap design for International Criminal Court
  • AI powered chatbot solution for Estonian Government
  • AI Powered Learning Management Solution (LMS) for Tanzania
  • & thousands of other digital solutions