government as a platform

New ways of problem solving, policymaking, and service delivery have to emerge: government should be developed as a platform, mimicking the logic of existing natural ecosystems.

Today’s public service is built up in such a way that the core business of policies, services, and problems are assigned to specialised government units, and realised by command and control within the bureaucracy. This model has resulted in an ever-increasing number of tasks, public servants, organizational units, and budgets, gradually producing the problem of ‘Big Government’.

Complex governments struggle to control budgets, motivate civil servants, coordinate units and policies from the centre, and deliver coherent and integral policies and services to meet the growing needs. Digitalisation of government processes has added even more complexity on top of the already overly complex system.

FiscalAdmin has developed the methodology for Government as a Platform in the Digital Era.


  • Two-sided market
  • Streamlined government
  • Boost in economic growth


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