business overview

FiscalAdmin is a fiscal technology company established in 2015. The company provides innovative IT solutions to transform public fiscal management so that it is in line with digital-era governance, anywhere in the world. FiscalAdmin focuses on assessment, modernisation and development services and technologies for tax administrations, ministries of finance, the public sector and international organisations. We have a branch office at the Astana International Financial Centre in Kazakhstan.


  • RIM Toolkit – Rapid Innovation and Modernisation (RIM) toolkit is a unique methodology allowing countries quick implementation of tax administration, revenue collection, and public financial management reforms.
  • Public Transport as Ridesharing – software for public transportation as ridesharing in rural areas.
  • Risk Management – software for risk management in tax administrations.


  • Government as a platform – government should be developed as a platform mimicking the logic of existing natural ecosystems.
  • Public fiscal management digital reforms – a unique methodology using the RIM Public Finance allowing countries quick implementation of public financial management reforms.
  • Assessment of tax administration – RIM Tax assessment of tax administration systems, processes and institutions in accordance with TADAT methodology.
  • Fiscal sector risk assessment – RIM Audit supports a risk-based approach toward audit activities in the area of tax collection, budget oversight and internal audit.
  • eBudget – Digital Budget Preparation System, which includes five major modules to perform budget planning in an efficient manner.
  • One-stop-shop business ecosystem – a digital one-stop shop where all state bureaucracy can be bought as a service.
  • Modernisation of business processes – analysis of business processes, needs assessment, design of new business processes, change management planning.
  • IT reforms – design of public financial sector IT system modernisation and reform, drafting a new IT strategy. Review and assessment of IT reform projects and systems in the revenue administration sector, IT audits. Advising ministries of finance during the implementation of IT reforms in the revenue administration sector. Development of IT architecture for the public financial sector (treasury, budget preparation, budget execution, national accounting, revenue collection.


  • Government as a platform
  • Public fiscal management digital reforms
  • Fiscal sector risk assessment
  • eTax
  • eBudget
  • One-stop-shop business ecosystem
  • Public transport as ridesharing
  • Government IT reforms

customer portfolio

Our experts have 20+ years of experience in the revenue administration and public finance modernisation in Eastern Europe, the Central Asia regions and in Africa. We have prepared our products using our extensive field expertise.