one-stop-shop business ecosystem

One-Stop-Shop Business Ecosystems are custom-made platforms in countries to reduce bureaucracy for SMEs. What small businesses need in order to concentrate on their core business is a simple, digital one-stop-shop where all the bureaucracy can be bought as a service. The business environment of any given country can be a complex matter for small- and medium-sized enterprises, especially for new businesses, and especially if the established bureaucracy in the country is paper-based and not integrated, not fully digital. The state’s role is to provide the digital environment and create that one-stop-shop. The elements of such a one-stop-shop business ecosystem encompass entering a new market, setting up a business, everyday operations, and dissolving a business.


  • Zero bureaucracy
  • Increased foreign direct investment
  • Happy investors


  • Government Office
  • Ministries of Economic Affairs
  • Ministries of Finance