public fiscal management

RIM Public Finance is a product for IT reform and modernisation of public financial management systems. It ensures transparent budgeting, robust and reliable tax revenue analysis, effectiveness and efficiency of budgetary resources usage, and reliable fiscal and financial reporting.

RIM Audit is a product to support a risk-based approach toward audit activities in the area of tax collection, budget oversight and internal audit. RIM Audit provides an intelligent risk management system integrated with the relevant audit cases.

eBudget is a product, which includes five modules to perform budget planning in an efficient manner:
(1) core budgeting, (2) performance, (3) reporting, (4) budget framework and (5) administration modules.


  • Efficient and transparent budgeting, real time reporting
  • Robust tax revenue analysis
  • Reliable fiscal reporting
  • Intelligent risk assessment management
  • Superior risk mitigation


  • Government Office
  • Ministries of Finance
  • Tax administrations
  • Audit offices