Smart-ID is a new cross-border mobile app-based electronic identity solution. Smart-ID is an internationally recognized secure and convenient solution for authentication in e-services and giving electronic signatures accepted all over the European Union.

  • Smart-ID is innovation – changed user experience powered by the latest tech trends
  • Proven UX – the customer journey focuses on ease of use and convenience. No extra devices, special SIM cards or card readers needed
  • Automated Biometric Identity Verification method is used to enrol new users


  • Legally binding signatures on eIDAS Qualified level
  • Strong authentication – high identity assurance and compliant with PSD2 directive and GDPR regulation
  • High level of security is based on utilized split key* RSA scheme, proven principles of PKI and threshold  cryptography. Achieved Common Criteria EAL4 level
  • Automated Biometric Identity Verification for on-boarding
  • eSIM independence – works using the smart device’s software security module
  • Single-Sign-On solution for different e-services across business sectors and countries
  • Cross-use on different operating systems, smart devices and across e-services in the Smart-ID network

* A technology has been used in this product for which Cybernetica AS has filed a patent application or a patent has been issued

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Use free of charge.
Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Use free of charge.

Widely used in:

  • Secure customer authentication
  • Electronic signing


  • Smart-ID is trusted by the TOP3 Baltic banks
  • Evaluated and accepted in Estonian state services
  • Smart-ID is launched in projects as a service
  • Successful deployment of white-label (license) solution


  • Entrepreneurship Competition 2019: Innovator of the Year for notably successful development of Smart-ID