Smart-ID is a cross-border mobile app-based electronic identity solution.
It is an internationally recognized secure and convenient solution for authentication in e-services and giving electronic signatures accepted all over the European Union.
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  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Legally binding signatures recognised all over the EU
  • Biometric onboarding (video)
  • Cross-border access to e-services
  • Remote onboarding of new users
  • No special SIM-cards or additional hardware needed
  • Compliant with required EU regulation
  • Multi-device support


  • Smart-ID as service
  • Smart-ID as licensed product
  • Smart-ID as white label


  • Smart-ID electronic signatures are equal to handwritten ones being legally binding on eIDAS Qualified level.
  • High level of security is based on utilized split key* RSA scheme, proven principles of PKI and threshold cryptography with achieved Common Criteria EAL4 level.
  • It is a Single-Sign-On solution for different e-services across business sectors and countries.
  • Simple and convenient experience with built-in user awareness minimises identity fraud cases.

* A technology has been used in this product for which Cybernetica AS has filed a patent application or a patent has been issued.


  • Over 3mln transactions and 1mln unique users per day
  • Trusted by Scandinavian and Baltic banks
  • Evaluated and accepted in public services
  • In Iceland Smart-ID is launched as a service
  • Successful deployment of white label (license) solution
  • Entrepreneurship Competition 2019: Innovator of the Year reward for notably successful development of Smart-ID.