SK ID Solutions

business overview

SK ID Solutions specializes in international e-identity solutions. We are the partner of the Estonian state in issuing certificates for national identity documents. We enable the citizens of different countries to log in to e-services and give e-signatures.

SK ID Solutions caters to more than 600 organizations, which includes financial, healthcare, energy, education and various other private and public sector e-services. Our services have more than a million end users in the Baltics.

services and products

Smart-ID – new generation electronic identity
Smart-ID is a mobile based identification solution and a secure alternative to bank code cards or code generators (PIN calculators). Smart-ID is the easiest and safest way to authenticate in e-services.

The Smart-ID app is installed in a user’s smart device, so it’s always nearby and easy to use. Smart-ID is not dependable on a SIM card – all you need is an app that can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Smart-ID is created for use on multiple devices – smartphones and tablets. Smart-ID is an international schema; therefore, eID issued in one country can also be used in another. In the future, Smart-ID could be the user’s key to many e-services across the EU. Smart-ID complies with the highest international standards (eIDAS, PSD2) which guarantees the recognition of the solution across the EU.

Qualified time-stamping service – ensure the existence of specific data
SK’s qualified Time-Stamping Service ensures the existence of specific data at a certain point of time. It is, therefore, widely used in electronic signing, archiving documents and in technical solutions marking log entries.
Time-Stamping Service uses PKI and trusted time sources to provide secure and reliable information that is compatible with international standards (RFC 3161).
SK issues millions of time stamps a month to our customers all over the world.

Benefits of our service include:

  • guarantee from SK as a qualified trust service provider in the European Trust List
  • first in the EU to issue eIDAS qualified electronic time stamps
  • e-signatures accepted all over the EU
  • non-repudiation of data and documents

Qualified e-Seal – confirm the originality of documents
e-Seal has a similar purpose as the physical seal: to certify electronically sent documents and prove that they originate from the institution that sent them.

Benefits of SK’s e-Seal:

  • highly secure – audited and certified according to the EU regulations which guarantees the wide international use and trust from Estonian state authorities and top banks
  • convenient and economical – substitutes physical seals on paper thanks to which your business saves time and money
  • pioneering company – SK is the first in the EU to offer qualified e-Seal

e-Seal can be used in banking for confirming payment orders and proving payment transactions, in healthcare for confirming analyses and medical history, by state and local authorities for exchanging data on different state levels.


  • Qualified certification and time-stamping services
  • Secure PKI-based authentication and e-signature solutions
  • Qualified services trusted by the EU member states


  • Strategic partnerships
  • Custom solutions
  • Licensing

customer portfolio

States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland.
Banks: Swedbank Group, SEB Group, Luminor Bank, Danske Bank.
Telecom operators: Telia Company, Elisa, Tele2.
Partners: Gemalto, Trüb Baltic.