Time-Stamping Service

Our qualified Time-Stamping Service is already used in 21 countries

The Time-Stamping Service certifies the existence of specific data at a certain point of time. It’s protected by using electronic signatures – no one is able to change the data once it has been saved and confirmed with the time-stamp.

SK ID Solutions is included in the European Trust List as a qualified trust service provider.

SK ID Solutions offers a qualified Time-Stamping Service with a high level of availability.

Widely used in

  • Electronic signing
  • Archiving documents
  • Technical solutions marking log entries


  • saving time and money – you can use time-stamping instead of going to the notary
  • secure and reliable service – we use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and trusted time sources for legally binding time-stamped documents
  • pioneering company in Europe for issuing eIDAS qualified time-stamps
  • high availability – operational performance of the service is ensured at a higher level


Visma Sign

Visma Sign is the biggest Online Signature provider in the Nordic market. To us it is critical to rely on SK ID Solutions’ Time-Stamping Service which has all the key features we need; it is fast, reliable and has transparent pricing.

SEB Bank:

SEB Bank has been using the services of SK ID   Solutions for 15 years, so we can assure you that the service quality has been good to run 24/7 . The team is always focused on improving the service level and meeting the customer’s requirements.