time-stamping service

Time-Stamping Service certifies the existence of specific data at a certain point of time. It’s protected by using electronic signatures – no one is able to change the data once it’s saved and confirmed with the timestamp.

Widely used in

  • Electronic signing
  • Archiving documents
  • Technical solutions marking log entries


  • Saving time and money – you can use timestamping instead of going to the notary
  • Secure and reliable service – we use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and trusted time sources for legally binding timestamped documents
  • Pioneering company in Europe for issuing the eIDAS qualified timestamps
  • High availability – operational performance of the service is ensured at a higher level


Copyrobo, Vietnam

„SK ID Solutions is the first Qualified Authority in the EU that we integrated successfully into Copyrobo’s platform. The process was very smooth and quick, because they were very supportive in all steps. Happy to work with a professional team and get a good price.”

SEB Bank, Estonia

“As SEB Estonia has been using the services of SK ID Solutions for 15 years, we can assure that the service quality has been good to run 24/7 services. The team is always focused to improve the service level and meet the customer requirements.”

The Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Estonia

“The Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) has been collaborating with SK ID Solutions for over ten years. SK ID Solutions has won several public procurement contracts organized by RIK (e.g. validity confirmation services in 2009 and 2012, joint procurement for a time-stamping service in 2017). The contracts awarded have been properly carried out, the services offered are of high quality, and the cooperation has been smooth.”