Digital Tachograph

Our reliable PKI-based infrastructure and certification service for tachograph cards meets the highest security requirements. As a certified Trust Service Provider in the European Union, international compliance of our Digital Tachograph service is ensured by regular independent audits.

2nd Generation Tachograph Solution – Tacho3

SK has developed a next-generation Smart Tachograph Solution mandatory in the EU from 2019 – the Tacho3 solution. It is a new out-of-the-box digital tachograph CA solution which complies with the upcoming EU regulation (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/799). To ensure a smooth transition to the 2nd generation system, our Tacho3 solution supports both 1st and 2nd generation tachographs.

Tachograph certification services

  • 1st generation – certificates for the driver, workshop, control authority and carrier company;
  • 2nd generation – mutual authentication certificates for the driver, workshop, control authority and carrier company. In addition, signing certificates are issued for the cards of the driver and workshop.

We offer our tachograph solution in two ways – choose the best option for you:

  • a license-based solution (Tacho3), we will help with the setup and support;
  • service running in our premises as a SaaS model.

We offer our full know-how, support and smooth operational approach, including technical support for integration and installation. We help to perform key ceremony procedures, as well as with consulting and sharing knowledge on maintaining national CA policies.


  • high-security mechanisms
  • truly scalable and reliable architecture
  • high availability system – modules directly involved in the certificate issuance process are stateless and can be clustered
  • simplified key procedures
  • flexible system configuration
  • parallel deployment of 1st and 2nd generation tachograph system modules
  • support for both 1st and 2nd generation tachographs