SplitKey is a secure form of digital identity for mobile devices, allowing end-user mobile devices to perform secure authentication. Secure authentication typically requires the use of tokens, such as smartcards, in order to avoid identity theft or cloning of a digital identity. These devices are either expensive, or inconvenient to use. SplitKey offers authentication credentials secured by leading cryptography that allows the registration of iOS and Android devices for secure authentication. SplitKey provides mobile solutions that are fully secure and empower the user.


  • Security – SplitKey provides all users with a secure digital identity, which only they can access
  • Encryption – SplitKey has a unique cryptographic solution, tested rigorously, and also proven to be effective by its successful use in Estonia, on such applications as Smart-ID (operated by SK ID Solutions), allowing online banking to be conducted from mobile devices
  • Ease of rollout – SplitKey is an efficient and adaptable solution for any governmental or commercial application
  • Operates on iOS and Android devices


SplitKey has been reviewed and approved by international experts in the field of cryptography. Its benefits are already clear to Estonia’s citizens and residents, who are able to perform tasks such as online banking using only a phone or tablet, in the knowledge that all data sent and received is completely secure. SplitKey is also in commercial use in Japan, where it is demonstrating its international applicability.