The SplitKey Authentication and Digital Signature Platform is a next-generation digital identity technology. The platform turns end-user smartphones and tablets into secure authentication devices, equipping online service providers with a reliable and secure end-user access management tool. The platform also enables end-users to digitally sign documents in accordance with European Union regulations (eIDAS), with legally binding signatures of equal status to the hand-written equivalent.


  • Expands online offerings – SplitKey replaces the need to have citizens or customers sign documents or prove identities in person or by mail thanks to strong online authentication
  • Security – SplitKey provides a level of security and assurance (EAL4+) equal to that of hardware tokens such as smart cards and SIM cards
  • Doesn’t rely on a single device – as a threshold cryptography-based solution, SplitKey shares the responsibility of protecting private keys between multiple devices, meaning limited reliance on the end-user’s device security
  • Encryption – SplitKey uses proven cryptographic concepts in a unique way, which has been heavily evaluated and tested, and proven to be effective by its successful use in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as the core technology behind Smart-ID (operated by SK ID Solutions), allowing high-assurance access and transactions to take place for hundreds of services from banking to government
  • Ease of rollout – SplitKey is an efficient and adaptable solution for any governmental or commercial application
  • Operates on iOS and Android devices with SDKs available for ease of integration with existing solutions


The cryptographic concept behind SplitKey has been peer-reviewed, and the service that it enables has gone through extensive evaluation. SplitKey is the core technology behind Smart-ID, which is used by millions of end-users in the Baltics to interact online with a high level of assurance, recognised as equal to strong smart card and SIM card-based authentication and signing technologies.