business overview

Cybernetica has over 20 years of experience in building future-proof products for digital societies that rely on research and development. Cybernetica has been a key partner in developing Estonian e-governance solutions, making Estonia known as the most digital society in the world. Our unique expertise ranges from secure data exchange like the X-road to digital identity, i-voting, information security, situational awareness and more. Currently our technologies are used in 35 countries all over the world, from Asia to North America to the Caribbean and in both, private and public sector organisations.

core competence

Over the past two decades, Cybernetica have been the architects of the Estonian digital transformation success story, providing both research and practical applications for secure digital services. We have developed the technology that has provided the e-Estonia ecosystem with its core building blocks, like time stamping, X-road, internet voting as well as secure mobile digital identity technology, mission critical systems for the Tax and Customs Office and more.

e-Governance core technologies

  • Secure data exchange & interoperability through Unified eXchange Platform (UXP), which is a further development of the Estonian X-road and is widely regarded as the backbone for any successful digital transformation. UXP enables governments and businesses to create proactive and scalable services and integrate back-office processes.
    References: Ukraine, Japan, Aruba, Benin, Bahama, Namibia, Haiti, Greenland, Tunisia, USA, NATO
  • Digital identity technology that turns mobile devices into secure authentication and qualified signature devices. SplitKey technology is currently used in Smart-ID in the Baltics with around 3 million monthly users and 65 million transactions/month.
    References: the whole of Baltics
  • Privacy preserving technologies like the Sharemind allow governments and companies to analyse confidential data without compromising privacy. Sharemind protects data better than standard databases thanks to secret sharing, which allows sharing records with partners while retaining control.
    References: Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Estonia, USA, China, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Norway, UK. Notably, genome data storage and querying mechanism for Sophia Genomics.

integrated surveillance & navigation systems

  • Cybernetica builds effective border surveillance systems and smart solutions for vessel and air traffic management to improve situational awareness. Our surveillance and radio communication systems are used in over 100 locations in the world, including the external borders of the EU and NATO.
    References: Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Montenegro.


  • Estonian Defence Industry Award of the Year 2020
  • Excellence in Innovation Award at the Norwegian Business Awards 2019
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies Awards 2017
  • European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Award 2015
  • Quality Innovation of the Year 2014
  • Estonian Defence Industry Company of the Year 2014
  • The Baltic Innovation Prize 2011
  • The Entrepreneurship Award 2008
  • Best Estonian IT Company 2007

customer portfolio

Government agencies, defence agencies, research facilities, financial institutions, telecom companies, medical facilities, maritime administrations, energy service providers.