business overview

Cybernetica is a R&D-intensive ICT company that researches, develops and manufactures information security systems, maritime security and wide area radio communications systems, and investigates and applies theoretical and practical security solutions with a focus on cryptology and situational awareness. Cybernetica develops, deploys and maintains mission critical systems in over 35 countries in the world with main export partners being Indonesia, UK, USA and others.

information security technology

Interoperability Ecosystems:
The X-Road was initiated by the Estonian government in the 1990’s to enable secure data exchange between governmental organisations. The first version was developed by Cybernetica and launched in 2001. Currently, Cybernetica exports its world-renowned UXP technology (core tech for Estonian X-Road) across the world.

Other e-Government Solutions:
e-Customs (EU-compliant full customs solution), i-Voting (secure verifiable internet voting software, used in Estonian elections since 2005), Sharemind (processing of encrypted data), Unified eXchange Platform (interoperability ecosystem for interorganisational encrypted data exchange), Smart-ID (crypto-based secure digital identity for smart devices).

surveillance and communication systems

Cybernetica develops, manufactures and integrates surveillance and communication systems all over the world. Cybernetica’s wide area radio communication systems are used in more than 60 installations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, while the maritime security tehcnology and border surveillance is used to defend the external borders of the EU.

Wide Area Radio Communication:
Marine Radio Communications, Port Systems, River and Lock Systems,Marine Search and Rescue, GMDSS, Border Police Solutions, Offshore Solutions, Systems for Mandatory Reporting Areas, VoIP-based wide area networks.

Integrated Surveillance Systems:
State-of-the art radar and sensor systems for border surveillance solutions, avionics and remote tower solutions, radio surveillance technology.


  • UXP™ interoperability ecosystem for secure data exchange.
  • Sharemind™ for performing data analysis on encrypted data.
  • Smart-ID verifiable secure digital identity solution for smart devices.
  • VHF Lite ready-to-use multipoint radio communication system.
  • Wide Area Radio Communication systems.
  • Integrated Surveillance Systems.


  • European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Award 2015.
  • Quality Innovation of the year 2014.
  • Estonian Defence Industry Company of the Year 2014.
  • The Baltic Innovation Prize 2011.
  • Best Estonian IT Company 2007.

customer portfolio

Government agencies, Defence agencies, Research facilities, Financial institutions, Telecom companies, Maritime administrations.