Unified eXchange Platform (UXP) is a fully supported software product suite that enables peer-to-peer secure data exchange over encrypted and mutually authenticated channels.
It can be used to connect government registries, organisations and services.

UXP is developed by Cybernetica based on the experience we have gained through the creation and continuous improvement of the Estonian X-Road system for nearly two decades and our independent research in the fields of interoperability, information security and information governance. Today, UXP is used by governments including those of Namibia, Haiti, Benin, Tunisia, Greenland, USA and Ukraine, and also by the financial sector in Japan and has been piloted by NATO.



  • All messages moving through UXP are encrypted at the highest reasonable grade
  • All messages are digitally signed and timestamped
  • Secure by design – UXP was originally created to function within the public internet, so its security has always been of paramount importance
  • UXP is a distributed technology – fully decentralised
  • Data owners have full control over all data and resources
  • Full support and maintenance


  • Fully transparent – every query sent over UXP becomes a document evidentiary value
  • Traceability – every transfer of data through UXP can be traced back to its source
  • Transparency – easy to administer, easy to use


UXP has since been implemented in various sectors and countries all over the world, including:

  • eGovernment | Namibia, Haiti, Benin, Greenland, Ukraine, Tunisia
  • Commercial | Japan
  • Healthcare | USA, Japan
  • Defence | NATO pilot