B.EST Solutions

business overview

The likes of Deloitte, Microsoft, and KPMG turn to us as a trusted partner delivering digital identity and e-governance to new countries, showing that the Estonian e-state success story is transferable to emerging nations all over the world.

We’re able to roll out our bespoke digital identity and e-governmental solutions to multiple different regions, including those with limited internet access and low digital literacy, such as Africa, Asia, Latin-America, and the Middle East.

There is no vendor lock-in. We work for results and strong foundations, which are open for future development. This approach is driven by the highest standards, fostering interoperability and connectivity locally, regionally, and globally with partners for business and political development.

key products and services

  • Digital identity infrastructure –  recognised by the UN and OECD.
    Taking advantage of the most common electronic device, the mobile phone, mobile-ID can be used for both e-identity and e-signatures. It works on feature phones or smartphones, even without an internet connection. Mobile-ID can be launched within six months.
  • Digital Trade Hub – recognised by the OECD.
    Become the Amazon or Alibaba of a country, with a cross-border e-commerce platform, simplifying export procedures for local SMEs, all verified by the state. Digital Trade Hub connects different stakeholders and policy areas across sectors, borders, and institutions, making it easy to move goods legally between countries.
  • Workshops and Consulting
    We can help you make the right commercial, technical or regulatory decisions and build capacity surrounding digital identity and e-governmental solutions. Whether you need to make assessments about your organisation, conduct training or launch e-services and manage business operations, we will be pleased to discuss the right way forward.
  • m-Residency – recognised by the European Union
    Working similarly to Estonian e-Residency, m-Residency provides everything needed to open and manage a business remotely by offering the same state-backed mobile-ID to entrepreneurs and a country’s diaspora around the world while providing access to its key governmental e-services like e-tax, e-banking, and customs filling.
  • E-signature Platform and Software
    A safe way to create, share, and store legally binding digital documents with the highest level of assurance. Simple for the user, while providing total reliability and control.
  • Data-Exchange Platform for Interoperability  – the first company to export X-Road abroad
    Particularly suitable for valuable e-governmental services, we offer a solution that allows the exchange of data over secure encrypted channels between an unlimited amount of partners. The solution is based on the acclaimed X-Road technology used in Estonia and several other countries.
  • Certification Authority
    This is the official body, which is necessary for the management of digital identity and e-signatures.

facts and figures

  • 90 million transactions have been made using our mobile-ID.
  • 650+ e-services are connected to our mobile-ID.
  • 25+ banks serve their clients using our mobile-ID.
  • 475+ million USD generated on the Digital Trade Hub, backed by the state.
  • 1st company to launch m-Residency for global business.
  • 1st company to export the X-Road outside of Estonia.
  • 7+ years managing a national digital-ID ecosystem


Our customers include multinationals, for example, those mentioned in the introduction, governments, major banks, mobile network operators, and insurance companies, along with international organisations and a wide variety of other clients.